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  • The Monadnock® Defensive Tactics System (MDTS) is a basic self-defense and subject control program designed for Security, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Protective Services agencies.
  • This course combines lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands-on performance of techniques and testing in a concise and practical manner. 
  • In other aspects of MDTS, you will learn how to handcuff compliant and non-compliant subjects. You will also learn how to deflect an attack through instinctive one and two-hand blocking techniques. These defensive maneuvers are designed to neutralize the attack (not the attacker). However, when you can no longer ensure your safety by performing purely protective techniques, you will have to resort to more active defensive means. And you will learn counterattacking skills such as a punch, edged fist, palm-heel strike, front kick and a few others.
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We realize that plans change and things come up at the last minute that may cause you to miss class. If you are unable to attend your scheduled class, a 72 Hour Notice of Cancellation is required to roll your class payment over into the next class. Failure to notify VIP within the 72 hour cancellation period will result in the loss of the class payment. Only one rollover allowed and must be used within 3 months. Failure to attend your rollover class will result in the loss of the class payment. The payment may be applied to any VIP class. All sales are final.
All our training classes are non refundable.


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