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This course covers the defensive tactics, strikes, and jabs to be used when carrying a less than lethal force alternative such as an Expandable Baton. Each course combines lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands-on performance of techniques and testing in a concise and practical manner.

Monadnock® Expandable Baton

Basic Course 

  • Class Cost: $75.00
  • The Monadnock® Expandable Baton Training Basic Course consists of a four (4) hour certification course.
  • Basic Course certification techniques include Stance, Patterns of Movement, Baton Grip, Baton Methods of Carry, Baton Draws, Baton Two-Handed Grip Blocks, Baton Counter Strikes, and Baton Retention. This is a well-rounded training approach that provides officer protection at three specific ranges for concluding an attack.


California BSIS-Certified Baton Training

8 hours classroom training and practical application.

  • Class Cost: $140.00
  • To be CERTIFIED to use and carry a baton, students MUST complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of instruction.
  • The class fee includes the $60 statutory fee for each baton permit, instruction, certification, student handouts, and practical application.
  • Baton permits in California do not expire!!!


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